"Food Fights"

(The second in a series of messages centered around The Table.)
Over the next 4 weeks, as we look at various stories of scripture centered around a table, we offer you this challenge… can you find time for the table between now and June 2nd? Who can you invite? Who do you need to get to know better? With whom do you need to reconnect? Who may be in need of community and fellowship? This could be individuals or families at your church, or people in your neighborhood, or your own family. As you gather around the table together from now until June 2nd, we encourage you to take a picture, (with permission of course), post to your favorite social media format (#sharingtablephumc), or send it to Rebecca so we can keep a collection of all the ways we are sharing table at Parkway Hills! We want to hear your stories. Will you accept the Table Challenge?