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Our Logo

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 The Cross and Flame is the traditional symbol of the United Methodist Church. The cross reminds us of Jesus' sacrifice for us and the flame reminds us of the presence of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost (Acts 2), the beginning of the Christian church in the world. They are often enclosed by a circle, the symbol of perfection and of eternity, which reminds us of God's eternal love and care for us, for his church.

Parkway Hills' logo incorporates two of the traditional symbols associated with Christianity - the fish, which in Greek is ichthys from which one can produce an acrostic for the Greek words for Jesus (i) Christ (ch) God's (th) son(y), savior(s), and which is an enduring symbol for Christ, and the dove, which is the sign of the Holy Spirit present in our world. The swirling lines in the animation of the logo suggest circles as well as the creative spirit of God at work in the world.